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How to

Confidently LiveStream

to an Audience of


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You can use these strategies today!

What does Carrie Glenn, the Author of The Periscope Checklist, THE first Ebook acclaimed by Chocolate Johnny @perfectionchocolates, Heather Santos, Doug and Ally @Frameablefaces, Holly Gillen @hollygstudios, Chuck Moran and Maree Stuart, among others, have to say about...

  • How to overcome feeling as though you are "speaking to yourself"
  • How to implement Story-telling techniques into your scopes
  • How to scope easily and just as if you are born with the natural ability to do it
  • How to hit "Start Broadcast" no matter how nervous you are

LEARN her favorite 3 FEAR-BUSTING strategies and secrets to conquering that feeling of standing naked on a stage.

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