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A Note from Carrie:

"It's so exciting to give you EVERYTHING you need to know to get started from scratch to DEVELOP CONFIDENCE and a CONSISTENT CONTENT DELIVERY SYSTEM for your high-value message! Today's the day you finally get the step-by-step strategies and tactics you need to quickly overcome fear and allow your ideas and information become the blockbuster message your ideal audience is longing to hear. "Confidently LiveStream to an Audience of 1-1000 Pilot/BETA" will show you how. I guarantee it!"


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1. YES, I understand that spaces are extrememly limited so it's important that I act now before public registration closes!

2. YES, please enroll me in the 3-week "Confidently LiveStream to an Audience of 1-1000 Pilot/BETA" Online Training. I understand this is the 3 week Pilot to a more comprehensive program that will be deep-dive training on how to OVERCOME FEAR of LiveStreaming, and how to CONSISTENTLY CREATE AND DELIVER CONTENT in a uniquely strategic and effective way that builds credibility and augments my brand. I understand I will learn the strategies and tactics for building confidence and creating content from scratch via the following course structure:

  • 3 Video Trainings with accompanying PDF's

  • Weekly Live Stream Support: 1:1 and/or small group 5 minute scope with Carrie (week 3 only the small group scope is available)

  • Your Face in the Frame: 60 Minute On-Camera Performance with Ron Joseph, Emmy Award Winning Actor

  • Weekly Group Training: Go over the critiques on Blab and Group IMPROV on Blab

I will receive new videos every week starting April 18 and may participate in all live group trainings for the entire 3 of the program. I also understand that I can proceed at my own pace as I can access my training anytime I want for life (live training is only available during the course of the program but online videos are available for LIFE)!

3. YES, I understand the Pilot Starts May 9. I will receive permanent login details for the Pilot before then.

4. 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I understand I can TEST this system out! If I receive the access to 1:1 and group coaching and online access to the Members Area and I'm not 100% satisfied, then I can have a refund as long as I request the refund and turn in the entire, completed Resource materials within 30 days of my order. I understand that there will be absolutely NO QUESTIONS ASKED and that Carrie trusts my word as gold. I understand I must notify Carrie within 30 days if I want a refund because there are no refunds after 30 days and, besides, we receive the bonuses below then and I want in!

5. BONUS #1: 1:1 Coaching: 20 minute call each week

6. BONUS #2: 2 Hour "How to Speak to your Self" Training: with Ron Joseph, Blake Joseph, and Carrie Glenn.

7. SURPRISE BONUS ANNOUNCEMENT : From Carrie: "I didn't announce this in the video. I just wanted to begin our relationship surprising you and over-delivering with value. So, to tide you over until week 1 opens, you can take advantage of a one time BioMakeover and Strategy Session (valued at $300). You can book it IMMEDIATELY when you order! Please keep in mind that due to the nature of the Pilot/BETA Program, this bonus can be booked immediately, however only remains available until the end of the Pilot/BETA program -so take advantage of it while it lasts! I'm also going to send you another FREE GIFT in the mail, so be sure to enter your shipping address below. Surprise! Enjoy!"

-- Carrie

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"Confidently LiveStream to an Audience of 1-1000 Pilot/BETA "

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International acclaim for "The Periscope Checklist" upon which this course is buildt

“Absolutely love it. Carrie’s Ebook, “The Periscope Checklist” is full of great content. This will help you go to the next level on Periscope. Carrie takes the fear out of Broadcasting. twitter.com/perfectionchocs”

Johnny Kapos, Chocolate Johnny owner of Perfection Chocolates, Australia

“Really nice job Carrie – well thought out, fun and informative – just like everything about Periscope itself should be! “The Periscope Checklist” hits all the basic points to get someone going and it captures the spirit of the growing Periscope community. Thank you! frameablefaces.com ”

Doug and Ally Cohen at Frameable Faces Photography in West Bloomfield MI

“I just love “The Periscope Checklist!” So much information packed into a quick and easy read! If you have never scoped before, this guide will get you ready to go in minutes! NO kidding! You can learn from all of the mistakes made before you and get your scopes off to a great start. You’ll learn vocabulary words too so you can be ready with the lingo! Get ready to get your scope on! www.thevageek.com”

Heather Santo Certified Virtual Administrative Consultant for social media

“Bam! "The Periscope Checklist" is jammed packed with all sorts of goodness. Carrie knows what she’s talking about. Did I say packed! Overflowing with amazing tip, after amazing tip. <3 it! hollygstudios.com ”

Holly Gillen, Video Expert at Holly G Studios

““The Periscope Checklist” is an awesome ebook, fun, colourful and takes the guess work out of creating a fabulous scope. Carrie shares lots of tips that will help you get started and put you at ease in front of the camera, ensuring you get the most out of scoping and participating in other scopes.”

Maree Stuart Videographer, Make Up and Make Over Specialist in Australia

“Terrific job, Carrie! Your info-packed “Periscope Checklist” will help many people get started broadcasting and consuming videos on this exciting new platform. I also recommend it to anyone who is already scoping to make sure they’re doing it correctly and effectively (I’ve seen a number of Scopes that would’ve been SO much better had the Scoper known about and adhered to your Checklist). Your Checklist is practical, succinct, colorful and a delight to read … highly recommended! I love learning from pros like you! No wonder they call you the Periscope Queen! /baldguystudio.com ”

Chuck Moran owner of Bald Guy Studio, in Charlottesville, Virginia

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Pilot/BETA Confidently LiveStream to an Audience of 1-1000 $197.00 USD
Due Now $197.00 USD


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